The Context of Business Models

What sounds like a truism makes a significant contribution to the success or failure of a business model: The context in which a business model is located. These can be political, economic as well as social and ecological factors that have a decisive influence on the structure of a business model. We recommend regularly carrying […]

The Worth of Business Models

Since the tulip mania in the 17th century, company valuations on the capital market, which retrospectively turned out to be quite wrong projections for the future, have been as much a part of the stock market as the word “disruption” is to the digital industry. Nevertheless, there is currently a lot to suggest that the […]

The Business Model Dimensions

Anyone who regularly deals with business model development knows that, unfortunately, it is not enough to simply fill out a canvas. The individual business model dimensions are interrelated. In excellent business models, they even reinforce each other. In order to maintain this effect in the long term, constant adaptation is necessary. The principle applies here: […]

Four Types Of Business Model Innovation

The call for disruptive business models can be made quickly but an innovative direction will primarily determine what type of business model innovation is best from the point of view of the company. Business models can be derived from new customer needs as well as from existing competencies. It is often the recombination of existing […]

Users Time

One of the recurring elements of our everyday lives is the question of where exactly all the time has gone. In addition to elementary activities such as eating, drinking, and sleeping, various apps, software, and entertainment solutions have been fighting for their users’ limited time budgets for not too long. When developing new services, therefore, […]

The Hard Part of Business Model Development

Most people will know it: Workshops and dealing with business models belong together like Elon Musk and steep announcements. However, the real work only starts after the good ideas, because: Business model development is active risk management! By iteratively testing the critical hypotheses in a business model, risk can be systematically reduced even before the […]

Regional Business Models Around The World

The world is colorful, complex, diverse and characterized by different norms and values. It is therefore astonishing that the same business models are often discussed in the business world. Although it is desirable from a business perspective to operate globally with the same business model, one should not lose sight of the regional specifics. Stay […]

Jobs Made Obsolete By Technology

Technological progress continuously leads to changes in the world of work and makes certain professions obsolete. This consequence results in changes in the business model for the affected companies. One of the key qualifications of modern business management is to prepare for these changes at an early stage and to proactively adapt the business model. […]

Bullshit Bingo Business Model Edition

We all know it all too well: The higher the proportion of disruptive, blockchain-based, agile developed digital solutions, the higher the proportion of platitudes. Of course, this also applies to the area of business models, which is why we are helping to at least fill the wasted time of life with fun. Stay humorous!

Successful Business Model Adjustmentes

It is all over town: companies must be able to react agile in their work organization to survive in today’s market environment. This is true on the one hand, but on the other hand it is often just a classic fad in the business world. Because one thing is often forgotten: Not only the company […]