Top Failures in Business Model Development

A good methodical set of tools is certainly a good starting point for successful business model development and is relatively easy to learn. But even if you follow a textbook process, the projects are often not as successful as hoped. These problems are much more likely to result from systemic organizational logics and internal constraints […]

As-a-Service Models For Annoying Problems

We all know it: There are things that you simply do not like to do. Because they suck.Because they’re pure bureaucracy.Or because they feel they are simply unnecessary. And this is exactly where the “as-a-service” business models, which can be found in more and more areas of life, come into play. Because they are particularly […]

Non-Obvious Disruptive Technologies From The Past

Disruption has become normal according to the everyday marketing messages. Every new product or technology is supposed to be “the next big thing”, every progress, no matter how small, is declared to be earth-shattering. It is forgotten that technologies of a disruptive nature are much more likely to make new products, services and, consequently, new […]

Strategy Consultancies Business Model

When looking at business models, it is always important to take a critical look at your own business model and subject it to a reality check. Especially in exaggeration, characteristics can be found by which a business model must be measured in reality. The classic strategy consultancies, which even in their pure form no longer […]

Random Facts About Business Models

Empirical studies on the effectiveness and design of business models are rare and are usually only carried out in the context of digitisation. Post-mortem analyses of start-ups, the effectiveness of innovation processes and the concrete design of high-margin industries such as the software industry show how effective these can be. Especially in the implementation of […]

Why Business Models Matter?

Why are we so passionate about business models? Because it is often only the right combination of new technological possibilities and a well-designed business model that contributes to radical changes in the markets. This is not a force of nature, but something that can be proactively designed and changed. And this is exactly where we […]

Evolution of Mobilty Platforms

Business models of mobility platforms are increasingly developing from a pure distributor model to holistic integrative platforms. Both the non-discriminatory integration of all means of transport and close cooperation with local authorities are crucial. First approaches in the market, such as Jelbi and other solutions, represent a first step towards an integrative model and have […]

Business Model Testing – Evidence Scale

The testing of business model hypotheses makes a decisive contribution to reducing the risk in business model development at an early stage. But how reliable are these tests and what level of reliability should I accept in the different phases of business model development? Our Business Attack Evidence Scale can help to assess the validity […]

Business Model Innovation

The VUCA world also puts existing business models under pressure! But how can an existing business model be innovated? In addition to a deep understanding of the current business model, the desired direction of innovation and the appropriate methodology are crucial. Without claiming to be complete, we are happy to provide an impetus for continuous […]

The Path to Successful Business Development

We too have not yet found the holy grail of business model development. Nevertheless, we are happy to share our proven path from the idea to the launched business model and stand on the shoulders of other experts such as Alexander Osterwalder, Eric Ries and others. We look forward to convincing even more people of […]